Make Safety and Privacy a Priority.


Linden Gross wrote the first book ever written about the stalking of ordinary people, To Have Or To Harm (Warner, 1994) and the expanded and updated Surviving a Stalker: Stay Safe. Get Help. Reclaim Your Life. Linden’s investigation into the crime of stalking for two Cosmopolitan magazine articles had previously revealed the devastating human dimensions of a problem on the rise. Casual conversation with friends, colleagues, and even strangers on airplanes had revealed its prevalence in even more immediate fashion. One out of every three had either been stalked or knew someone who had. Yet no book had ever tackled the issue.

Seminal Book about Stalking

Surviving a Stalker chronicles cases that dramatically reveal the extensive dimensions of the stalking epidemic. Her analysis helps clarify a dynamic infused with misinformation and confusion. In addition to profiling stalkers and their victims, Surviving a Stalker delves deeper into the subject, covering police and legal issues, behavioral and psychological patterns that lead to an escalation of violence, the approach the Los Angeles Police Department has pioneered to address the problem, and how victims can best deal with being stalked.

Expert Input

The author was aided in her research by the prominent Los Angeles security advisor, Gavin de Becker, who wrote the book’s foreword. De Becker, author of the national bestseller The Gift of Fear, is widely regarded as our nation’s leading expert on stalking. His work has earned him three Presidential appointments, as well as a position on a congressional committee on stalking.