Take Stalking Precausions Seriously


If there’s one message that you take away from the Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary website or Linden’s book Surviving a Stalker, it’s that arming yourself with information is your best defense. Only by knowing and evaluating all your options can you make an educated decision about the actions you want to take.

To help you identify where you might find the information and help you’re looking for, we’ve listed books, videos and state organizations that could prove helpful. In the meantime, here’s our shortlist of go-to resources:

Help & Information for Stalking Victims:

Cyberstalking & Internet Safety

  • iSafetyNet — Provides a listing of community resources and services on the Web
  • Who@ - A volunteer organization working to halt online abuse
  • Cyber Angels — Terrific advice for young Internet users and their parents, a Cyber 911 help-line and a volunteer CyberMoms group that monitors Internet chat-rooms, online services and popular websites, and helps kids improve their online judgment.
  • GetNetWise — Kid-related online safety
  • i-SAFE – E-safety education solutions
  • 360 Total Security — Internet Safety and Security for Kids

The resource lists in this entire section–including those on the reading listprograms and state organizations subpages–are not intended to be comprehensive, but rather a place for you to start. Indeed, if you find stalking-related resources that prove helpful, please forward them along to us so we can share them with the other in the Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary.

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