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Linden Gross—the creator and founder of the Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary website and the Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions nonprofit organization—wrote the first book ever written about the stalking of ordinary people. To Have or To Harm (Warner, 194) has been followed by two updated and expanded versions: Surviving a Stalker: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Safe (Warner, 1994) and Surviving a Stalker: Stay Safe. Get Help. Reclaim Your Life. (Incubation Press, 2013). To reach and help more stalking victims, Gross launched in 1997 as a place for survivors and others to garner information, community and support.

Linden, who does related media appearances and public speaking, started the nonprofit organization Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions as a way to continue to provide lifesaving information and resources to the victims of stalking and to the many people seeking more insight into this frightening phenomenon, its dynamics and possible solutions.

Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions’ Mission

The Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions mission is to educate people about stalking and how to cope with it, and to further understanding about the problem’s dynamics and possible solutions. This will be accomplished through a series of publications, documentaries and videos directed to professionals, survivors, employees and the public at large. Teen curricula and video games focusing on appropriate vs. inappropriate relationships and communication skills will be developed. Educational materials about the prevention of stalking and its close relative domestic violence will focus on developing healthy relationships, learning how to set boundaries, and knowing the warning signs of a potentially dangerous situation.

The Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions’ Board of Directors:

  • Gavin de Becker, preeminent authority on stalking and author of national bestseller The Gift of Fear
  • Bob Martin, founder of the L.A.P.D.’s Threat Management Unit
  • Wayne Maxey, criminal investigator with the special investigations division of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office
  • Marc Dubin, executive director of CAVNET
  • Mark Wynn, stalking & domestic violence case management trainer
  • Pete Conis, Ph.D., former Stop Violence Against Women grant program director for the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
  • Jane McAllister, stalking survivor & activist

Spreading the Word Thanks to Our Principal Benefactor

After years of being funded solely by founder Linden Gross, a recent donation allowed us to send out 1,000 copies of Surviving a Stalker to not-for-profit umbrella organizations from Hawaii to Alaska that are tackling this issue. A subsequent donation by the very same benefactor funded this new website, as well as publishing costs associated with the updated and expanded edition of Linden’s book Surviving a Stalker. Soon we hope to create an affiliate program through which not-for-profit organizations will help us disseminate information about stalking while raising money to finance their own efforts.

Where can we go from here? That’s up to you.

Please donate what you can so we can continue to increase awareness about stalking (including how to deal with it and how to prevent it) around the country. Please donate what you can so we can continue to increase awareness about stalking (including how to deal with it and how to prevent it) around the country.



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