People are talking about Linden’s book Surviving a Stalker, as well as about the Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary. We hope these resources prove helpful to you and that you join the conversation as well as our community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials about Surviving a Stalker:

“Until now, victims of stalking have had few places to turn for accurate information, as I learned the hard way. Linden Gross’s book should be required reading for women in the 90s.”
– Theresa Saldana
Actress & stalking survivor

“Linden Gross writes compelling profiles of stalkers — and provides compassionate insights for their victims — with the important emphasis on legal deficiency and social naiveté. For victims this book can be a light at the end of the tunnel. I urge everyone to read Surviving a Stalker: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe.”
– Tina Sinatra
Producer, actress & stalking survivor

“Linden Gross’s work will help all of us understand a dynamic that has been characterized by confusion and misinformation. It will save some lives and improve many others. It will help those victims who need to know what to do right now, and, more importantly, it will help many of you never to become victims at all.”
– Gavin de Becker
America’s leading authority on stalking and author of The Gift of Fear


Testimonials about The Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary website:

“I’m 15 years old and I was being stalked by a man twice my age. I was always afraid to be mean to him, so I was always nice. But after I checked out this web page, I found a new confidence, and learned that my behavior wasn’t helping the situation. Because of the advice this web page gave me, I became more distant towards my stalker, and I was much less nice. Thankfully, this made the stalker think I was an awful person, and he has since left me alone. Thanks for this informative and inspirational web page…it helped me get rid of my stalker, and regain my life.”
– Kristen

“You are a great resource. I regularly refer my students to you when I teach about stalking.”
– St. Earl Smith

“I feel it has been a relief to find this web site. I will be here often. Keep up the good work and thanks for having it for the people who are victims of stalkers.”
– A lonely victim

“This is a great site. I work in courts assisting victims of crime and see the serious harm that stalking can do and does to people. There is some very useful information here and I encourage victims to read your site.”
– Anonymous

“This site is wonderful. I am glad that there is somewhere to turn and someone to talk to. Thank you.”
– Kathy B

“I’m being stalked and sought out this site for information about how to handle the situation.”
– lawrman

“I can’t tell you how much your site has helped me — and my family. Male victims have even fewer resources than the pitiful support female victims ‘enjoy’. Just by being here you give us a tether back to the real world. It’s one thing for us to tell ourselves that it’s the stalker not us who’s sick. But it takes hearing others trying to convince themselves of the same thing before you really start to hear the logic.”
– Barton

“Linden, you and (your helpers) have done an incredible job on the Sanctuary, I truly love it, and I appreciate your hard work and endless hours of love directed at your site. You have done a magnificent job while providing a much needed sanctuary for your guests.”
– Debra

“Thank you for so much good information.”
– Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Fdt.

“You have a great website. It’s informative, educated and easy to navigate. Thanks for making it accessible. Thank you for your concern and for a great webpage. It helps me understand the dynamics of a stalking that much better.”
– Jose Maria Mantero
Assistant Professor; Dept. of Modern Languages; Xavier University

“This site should be required reading for all.”
– Tim Brown
Bellevue, KY

“I truly appreciated a place to go (even if it’s on the web) where I feel comfortable, safe and NOT alone. Thank you.”
– Sarah Underwood
Fargo, ND

“This [site] is something that everyone should look at and read. Being a victim, I could have really used this three and four months ago when I found out I was being stalked by my ex-boyfriend.”
– Gina Sampman
Buffalo, NY

“This is a great site and I am honored to have found it. Not only are you giving victims a place to get help, but you are informing others on how to take care of themselves.”
– Soul
Norwalk, CA

“Being a law enforcement victim advocate, I can really appreciate the information you provided on your site. Thanks from me and the many victims we don’t hear from till it’s too late.”
– Rob Arbelo
Beaufort, SC

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