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 Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions Unveils New Book, New Web Site

Angels Camp, CA (1/24/13)… In honor of National Stalking Awareness Month (January 2013), Linden Gross and Stalking Survivors’ Sanctuary & Solutions—the nonprofit organization Gross founded—have just released an updated and expanded edition of her book Surviving a Stalker.

Twenty years ago when Gross wrote the very first book about the stalking of ordinary people, 1.3 million Americans were being stalked every year. The problem has gotten worse. These days 3.4 million Americans lead lives compromised by fear because they are the target of someone’s obsessive attention. Despite this epidemic, the stalking dynamic remains misunderstood by victims as well as many of the professionals who deal with the crime.

“I wish the information in my book had become obsolete,” says Gross, who is often called upon to do media appearances and public speaking on the subject of stalking. “But all too often stalking victims continue to react in a way that compromises their safety from the get-go. Most stalking victims don’t recognize the signs early enough. Then they deny what’s happening or try to bargain with their stalker, assuming that acceding to a few of demands will make the obsessed person go away. But that only cements the situation.”

Professionals dealing with stalking—from law enforcement and the courts to the mental health arena—need educating as well. Many victims still report that their local police tell them to come back “when [the stalker] has done something.” The laws have been put in place, but the overall understanding and knowledge have not necessarily followed. One police academy instructor balked at being told by the academy director that he had to include the subject of stalking, along with material from Surviving a Stalker, in his curriculum. Then he read the book. “I didn’t understand,” he said. “I get it now.”

To coincide with the publication of the updated and expanded Surviving a Stalker,—known as the Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary—has been redesigned and rewritten. The goal: to help spread the word about how seriously life-threatening the pervasive crime of stalking can be and how victims and professionals need to address it.  One thing did not change on the Web site, which features critical information as well as a news feed; it still includes the Discussion Board which has served as an international support group since 1998. Gross recommends that victims and professionals alike check it out. “It’ll open your eyes,” she promises.

In the foreword of Surviving a Stalker, Gavin de Becker, the author of national bestseller The Gift of Fear, writes, “Linden Gross’s work will help all of us understand a dynamic that has been characterized by confusion and misinformation. It will save some lives, and improve many others. It will help those victims who need to know what to do right now, and more importantly, it will help many of you never to become victims at all.”

For more information or to order a copy of Surviving a Stalker: Stay Safe. Get Help. Reclaim Your Life., log onto the Stalking Victims Sanctuary at



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