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Grassroots campaign and more

Hello everyone ..... I have actually been on line with some of you before (3 years ago) - Jennifer, Feather and someone else .... just wanted to report my partner and I are still being stalked by our NOW adult male neighbor (he was 14 when he started) and I have:
(1) gotten a R.O. that the police will not arrest on
(2) gone to Superior Court 9 times to file a motion of contempt of the R.O. but have yet to be heard
(3) on my 3rd attorney in this matter and have spent $18,000 in just legal fees alone
(4) have contacted ALL likely parties for assistance - local police chief, school superintendent, perp's psychologist, state senator, Senate majority leader, director of local domestic violence council, director of local gay/lesbian alliance, director of Children, Youth & Family Services, the Governor's office (RI), the perp's mother, and even my childhood priest.
While all (except the "mother") empathize with us ... they cannot help. Court is still our only option.
(5) I have documented every event since day one nearly 4 years ago and have provided copy to police, my lawyer and former attorney general of RI.
6) In October '02 I hired a private investigator to sit outside of my house for 10 days and videotape perp. He did. He made his report to police asserting I was being stalked. PI is ex-policeman. Chief of police where I live says perps' behavior "doesn't rise up" to criminal behavior. (Perp is a neighbor whose mode of transportation is a bicycle thus they say he has every right to be in the street outside of my home).
7) In October '03 I purchased six X-10 surveillance cameras (some w/audio chip) to get perp on tape - on my property - vandalizing my property - paralleling my partner in the woods at the rear of our home as she does work or plays with our dogs - calls out her name - calls out our dog's names - yells obscenities - etc, etc.
8) 3rd lawyer was recommended by former attorney general and she is very bright and very committed to this "cause" however we still run into stone wall called the Superior Court of Rhode Island. Last court date of 2/17/04 resulted in an ordered "mediation" between parties and another attorney ( a real jerk - first atty in RI to "advertise" for personal injury cases). Trying to get this set up but in meantime, I am running out of money and will not be able to afford lawyer much longer. Her rate is $200 per hour !!!!!
9) As of this moment, perp still stalks us even after a stern "reminder" from the judge that he is to stay away from us AND judge reminded him he is now 18 years old, of majority, and needs his own lawyer. This info has no effect on him as his behavior continues unabated.

So you say, WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE GRASS ROOTS CAMPAIGN OF STALKING VICTIMS.COM ??? Well, alot actually because this week I set my mind to bring this issue (stalking) out into the light of day. It is painfully clear to me that NO ONE who is in a position to do anything about this (for us - the victims of stalking) is familiar with the CRIME, has any clue how to handle it legally, and are inclined to side with the perp especially if no "bodily harm" has come to us, the victims. They have no idea that it is a smaller percentage of stalking cases that actually result in physical harm to the victim. Majority of cases involve the unbelieveable EMOTIONAL terrorism that is inflicted upon us and yet is not categorized as a crime by law enforcement.

All of you and I know that it IS a crime and something has got to be done about this and guess what ladies, we are going to have to do it ourselves. There is no one in our corner who can magically appear and take care of it for us. We have to suck it up and bring this matter out into the open if we want to be able to "survive" this heinous crime. I have some ideas I'd like to share with you .....

1) Name of stalking victims group: A LEAGUE OF OUR OWN
Would like to set up local support groups throught US (and elsewhere?)
Need info on how to do that ... how to get word out to stalking victims
that this group is forming.
2) Colors (gotta have colors): Silver, Green, Black and Red (the color of
Heineken beer can - my personal favorite !)
3) Contact others "outside the bun", i.e. : Universities - contact law and
psych grad students who may be interested in starting a research
project on the subject - they would have the time, the resources and
the energy to put a thorough paper(s) together ...... how the law
handles (or doesn't) stalking cases, can we change the law to better
protect the victim (such as remove "intent" from the stalking statute),
what is psych profile of stalker and should personality or behavioral
"disorder" be a defense for the perp, what % of stalkers are teenagers
or young adults (a university in Texas had started some research on
this topic), ETC, ETC.

Write to every state senator and congresswoman - share your story
and ask if they would be willing to jump on this bandwagon. For instance, in RI I know of a congressman who put forth a bill to allow
stalking victims to sue their perps - I'm sure he didn't think of this all by himself - someone out there must have brought the issue to him - need to find those people.

Write to local news channels and ask if they would do a piece on the
issue of stalking in your respective States .... they also have great
resources, staff and time to take this up.

And anyone else you can think of !!!

Ladies ... (and gentlemen too) ..... I really think we are in charge of our own fate and I know I would feel better having a great number of you out there working actively to bring this sick situation out into the public eye. Would any of you be interested in doing something like this? We can have "League" chapters all over the place but working toward a common goal. If you are "newly stalked" and tentative about joining such a group, I certainly understand. It has taken me four years to find the courage to decide this is my fight and I have to take it to the streets ... for ALL of us ... you and me. Is anybody with me??

Obviously due to the sensitive nature of our situation, I would not want us to share real names and addresses over the internet. Perhaps you could offer some suggestions as to how we could communicate freely. Maybe I could get a PO Box somewhere.... ?

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble. I do hope to hear from some of you in the near future.

Best regards,



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Welcome back ESR :D We need more people to pick up on advocacy. I know at some point I will, but right now there are too many issues going on personally. We are appealing Judges decision on visitation that does not adequately protect the child from his father, convicted of felony stalking. I have been after my lawyer to negotiate with his lawyer to get an acceptable agreement. After going through every thing I have gone through the last week...reliving all of the court hearings in doing a statement of facts and reviewing the appeal brief...I'm ready to just follow through with the appeal to voice the injustices in the system. I'm royally pissed at this point. No one knows when the state supreme court will rule on Dip's appeal. I think I'll have my lawyer hold off on sending any letter to his attorney until after the brief is filed and then see what happens. By now, Dip should know that we have traced his phone number to my mother's phone at least half a dozen times and I even include some stuff about him posting here as march26revenge in my statement of facts.

I think you do have some good ideas...check out the brochures under this could start by passing them out to your local agencies.
Happy Trails :)

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