Post Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:26 am

At It Again!

Hello, I have only posted on this site a couple of times, but I did promise to give an update. As I mentioned in "my story" forum, I am a female and my stalker is a female who is a former friend. As mentioned before, my stalker has never threatened me, but she is just outright creepy and doesn't know boundaries. I had voiced concern that she would start her stalking behaviors up again when we started our BSN program in the summer. Well she's at it again! I just want to scream!!! I have taken the advice given to me and let those who hang around me know that I don't hang around "Bella" and the reasons why. So I sit in the very back of the class room with a group of people I consider friends who know her and me both, and she sits in the front with basically the new crew of people she works with who don't know about her creepy behaviors yet. However, it doesn't seem to be enough for her to hang around with THEM, she wants to infiltrate my relationships again like before.

When school started this summer she started coming around me again at church and interrupting my conversations with my friends and then basically cornering me and making me have a conversation with her. I am cordial to her but I run away first chance I get. So then I get to school and she suddenly thinks we are friends again and starts trying to get involved in my relationships there. The real creepy episode was earlier this week. I never ever talk to her at school, even though she does things like follow me to the elevator, and try to get to the door of the classroom the same time as me to force me to speak. I was in the back of the room with my friends, and all Bella's co-workers had left along with the rest of the class but she kept lingering. My friend called another friend of ours to the back saying "hey I need to ask you a question" it was something PERSONAL. Well Bella is standing down front staring at us. Mind you, the only people in the room are me and my group in the back, the friend we called to come back there because we had a personal question to ask and Bella. She sees us talking to our friend and then next thing you know she comes all the way to the back and just stands there staring at us 2 feet away, but not saying a word while listening to our personal conversation. Is this crazy or WHAT? I didn't even acknowledge her, and neither did anyone else for that matter because I think everyone was baffled by her weird behavior. Finally, she walked out when the girl we called to the back of the room left, most likely to find out more about what we were discussing, and its not like she is friends with this girl either, it was obvious she had no intentions of walking to the next class with her (in other words, the girl didn't become something of interest until I interacted with her). NOSEY!! It was so awkward and weird that when she walked out my friend turned to me and said "DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! It was creepy!!" I said "Yup, she does it to me ALL THE TIME."

I'm so sick of her, I finally deleted her on facebook instead of just blocking her like I had been doing. I'm sick of her dramatic posts. Just so tired of being the object of an unhealthy obsession. Any advice? I just feel like I can't be my normal nice fun-loving self around her because when she comes around I feel like I have to run because I don't want to encourage her. I shouldn't have to run from my OWN group of friends because she insists on forcing herself into the middle of whatever we are doing.