Post Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:58 am


I care very much about stalking and harassment victims.

I am sorry if my comments offended, however, your advice about "seeking engagement" is an outright falsehood.

What is disturbing about anonymous moderators is the tone they adopt which is endangering and irresponsible.

Who can trust a forum where the moderator talks down to participants and divines a poster's intentions.

Let's talk about the moderator's poor logic again.

1) I have read the rules. Submit proof that i have not, or risk your credibility as an anonymous moderator.

2) "Comments on race and religion" - You ask that I read the rules. I ask that you read the archives of the board where participants complain that stalkers have referred to religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or race. Your comments imply that talking about stalking in a religious or racial context is "offensive" to someone's "race" - implying that referring to racists is racist. No one ever harassed a minority for their race, and no member of a religion ever harassed someone else over a religious difference!

You expect to be taken at your word as a moderator. Please use logic and intelligent argument then. You assume a lot about the qualifications of the people you claim "authority" over. In fact, I don't respect you because you use an authoritarian tone and really poor arguments. How can anyone trust a moderator who gives such bad advice?

I understand that my language was emotional and I deleted it. However, I do not wish to engage my stalker here. I do not wish to feel threatened here. I'm not speaking to any moderators who make really ignorant remarks and are too smug to submit their qualifications. You are not to be trusted.

"Ignore the stalker" is the worst sort of argument, it betrays a lack of familiarity with the subject, ignoring them won't help. What sort of poor logic tells YOU that I might be engaging a stalker here? I would not do that. "ignoring a stalker" is dangerous advice, should you really be a moderator?

Go ahead and use your super authoritarian wizard powers and ban me. What you say isn't in any of the stalking literature.

Why would I engage a stalker here when it's your job as a moderator to not have stalkers follow people here?

I don't understand your purpose here other than to expect someone to accept your authority at your word.

Thanks for proving that to me. Be careful whom you talk down to - they may be better educated, make better arguments and have more experience than you.

Feel free to feel super powerful about your really helpful message board and ban me. I don't need a forum where the moderators provide arguments that are not supportive or understanding.