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unrelenting stalker (another one) gets 8 years

Damn they just don't get it do they ??? :shock: ... girlfriend

Greenfield Man Gets 8 Years for Stalking Ex-Girlfriend

Posted: Dec 01, 2011 1:58 PM Updated: Dec 01, 2011 2:47 PM

By David Lee - email

SALINAS, Calif. - A Greenfield man convicted of stalking gets the maximum time behind bars. Carlos Lopez, found guilty on October 7th, will spend the next 8 years in prison for stalking his ex girlfriend.

Take a look at the news release sent out by the Monterey County District Attorney's Office:

Monterey County District Attorney Dean D. Flippo announced today that on November 29, 2011, Carlos Lopez, having been found guilty by a jury October 7, 2011, was sentenced to the maximum allowed by law of eight years in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for one felony count of stalking.

The defendant, age 39 and originally from Greenfield, sent an ex-girlfriend more than twenty letters over a two year period while he was incarcerated for stalking and domestic violence perpetrated against another woman, his ex-wife. While serving his five-year prison term imposed on October 15, 2008, the defendant continuously harassed the ex-girlfriend by sending letters that included pleas for her to write back to him. In 2009 when his letters went unanswered, he warned her not to be dating anyone else or he would make her life a "living hell." He informed her in a later letter that upon his release he was going to force her to be with him and that he swore to that on the life of his children. He further advised that he will come to see her the first day he gets out and she better be prepared or hide because he was coming down hard and not afraid to go back to prison.

In 2010, the defendant began to call the victim from within the prison located in Norco, California, on an illegally obtained cell phone, pleading for her to return his calls. At this time the victim took the letters and reported the phone calls to the King City Police Department.

The defendant was transported from Norco Prison to the Monterey County Jail pending trial on the new charges. His previous prison term expired on October 8, 2011, one day after a jury found him guilty of stalking. On October 13, 2011, in a court trial before Judge Julie R. Culver, the allegations that the defendant sustained a 2008 prior conviction for stalking and had previously served three prior prison terms for domestic violence and felony DUI were found true.

Yesterday, Judge Culver considered a letter sent by the victim which read: "It's a cycle that has no end. His criminal obsession with domestic violence is immune to restraining orders, immune to judge's admonitions, unphased by arrest after arrest and completely unaffected by any terms of probation." The judge sentenced the defendant to a term of five years for stalking and one year for each of the prior prison terms for a total term of eight years in the Department of Corrections.