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man charged with stalking, harassing neighbors

It's about time some of these neighbor stalking situations are being charged as such. What a psycho, and overgrown bully...DISGUSTING.

Eagan man charged with stalking, harassing neighbors

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HASTINGS, Minn. -- An Eagan man is charged with stalking after an alleged pattern of harassment and vandalism that targeted neighbors over several years time.

A criminal complaint issued in Dakota County charges 42-year-old Michael John Gunderson with two counts of stalking, one a felony and the other a gross misdemeanor.

"Something triggers that individual to be more of a bully than anything else. Hopefully the action by the Eagan police might stop it," said neighbor Sam Hanna.

Investigators say beginning in 2007, a couple living in a home on Birch Pond Road in Eagan began calling police and reporting incidents of vandalism. The incidents included someone placing their hose in a window well and leaving the water running, and lighting their grill and leaving it burning. Water was also poured into their furnace intake, forcing expensive repairs.

One year later in 2008 someone cut their telephone and cable lines, sliced their garden hose and damaged a bird feeder and portable fireplace. Two trees were destroyed, and their air conditioner disabled by removing the grounding connector.

The victims put up a surveillance camera, but contacted police in July of 2008 and informed them that their neighbor, Michael John Gunderson, had trained a laser beam on the camera in an attempt to disable it. Police responded and confirmed the report.

Prosecutors say in 2010 the same couple reported to police several incidents where Gunderson would yell expletives when they were out in the yard and flip his middle finger.

"It's a cause for concern, it's been a concern for a while and we have no idea what to do," said Hanna.

The harassment allegedly culminated in 2011 when investigators determined that Gunderson had distributed at least 8 letters accusing one of the victims of being a quote, "ultra pervert." The letters were signed "Terra Glenn Guy" and stamped with a unique meter number.

Police were able to trace the letters back to Gunderson and his business based on the stamp meter number.

Eagan Police ran a records check on Gunderson and found that he had previously been charged with stalking and harassment in Rogers, Minnesota in 2005, after accusing someone of being a child molester.

"I really feel bad for the people in that neighborhood. There has been a lot of gossip and rumors about this ordeal and hopefully the charges will clear some of it up," said Eagan Police Chief James McDonald.

The complaint says the case was dismissed after Gunderson met certain compliance conditions.

If found guilty Michael John Gunderson faces up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.