Celebrity stalking....a disturbing phenomenon in our society


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Celebrity stalking....a disturbing phenomenon in our society

http://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/new ... crazy.html

Very disturbing that some people feel empowered to get that close to celebrities.

Personally I think society's sick celebrity obsession is unhealthy and feeds this dangerous, violent activity.

Because they are so criminal and unintelligent that they cannot ever be a celebrity themselves, usually this is their way of fantasizing that they are an important talented beautiful person, when they are so psychologically crippled that they can never be a celebrity.

These people are sick.

"The 30 Rock star said in a criminal complaint that he and Sabourin enjoyed a night out in a professional capacity in 2010, but this was then followed by dozens of emails and unannounced visits from the 40-year-old actress.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Sabourin claimed that she and Baldwin were in love, and that on the night of her arrest she was simply seeking closure.

She explained: "It was love, for me it was love… I felt it. I don't think it could be a one-way thing.

"I'm not crazy, I'm not a stalker. How come I have his cell phone number? How come I know he's got a scar… on his bikini line that is round?"

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You should see the kind of people who stalk celebrities! I have some experience with this because me and a family member used to work for a charity, and often celebrities would lend their time to it at fundraisers.

There was this woman who used to try and get into the events, thinking getting her hair and make-up done was good enough. Occasionally someone would let her in.

What is hilarious is how delusional she is.

The truth is that she never went to college and was so mentally crippled she couldn't use a dictionary on her own.

She used to lie to people that she was a psychiatrist just to get into charity events.

I mean, hostile and delusional to the point where she really thought she was a psychiatrist.

One wonders if she chose "psychiatrist" as a bogus profession because she had to be treated by them herself.

Having worked these events, I met her and she did not "pass" for a high school graduate let alone a college graduate.

I don't understand how these celebrity stalker get away with their behavior, with thinking that they can pass for someone they are not, when in person they are kind of nuts and there is always something "off" about them.

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Also the government is truly negligent when it comes to "celebrity stalking", aren't they.

I think it's because celebrity obsession brings out feelings of guilt and inferiority.

I think it's government's job to deal with these crazies, not the victim's. The attitude is so resentful, like "hey moneybags, you have all that money, fix your own problem."

I don't understand the lazy attitude about obsession. And I mean from government people who should know better. Like you know better, then again you're the failure who let 19 terrorists onto airplanes.

Any government that can't stop terrorists from getting onto an airplane has no credibility at all in stopping any kind of arrogant, persistent and predatory behavior.

Some predators commit the same aggressions over and over again, and those responsible know and just let them do it again and again.

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