Swarmed and Attacked by the Seattle Stalking Groups



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Swarmed and Attacked by the Seattle Stalking Groups

There cannot be Political Unity without scapegoats. That would be me. Their Targeted Individual who will pay for everything they have done. Righjt here are the links to my youtube chanels: Group Stalking Watchdog http://www.youtube.com/user/GSwatchdog and Cause Stalking http://www.youtube.com/user/CauseStalking

Subject: Attacked and swarmed in Seattle WA
To: opa@seattle.gov, kimberly.mills@seattle.gov, "richard.conlin@seattle.gov" <richard.conlin@seattle.gov>, gregory.dean@seattle.gov, "sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov"

I am a Targeted Individual. Targeted by hate and extremist groups. The literature states: "To ensure success, selection of Targets is based on vulnerability. It's pretty safe to say that minorities and Immigrants are selected, Some vulnerable and easy to pick on scapegoat to take the blame for their incompetence and pathetic lives. Since sometimes I have seen with my own eyes, Police Officers and Firefighters working in concert with Radical Right Puritans Terror Stalking Groups. See book review Terrorsit Stalking in America http://www.multistalkervictims.org/terstalk.htm

Usually the officers or fire heroes approach with their grand finale making a gesture or hand signal that only a sensitized target would recognize. The literature states "Why do people participate in these atrocities? Because of blind obedience to authority (those Police officers and Firefighters).

I will send you a formal complaint letter as soon as I can. "Extremist Stalking groups operat6e as a network in all states and cities and the target cannot escape vy traveling." I exoerienced the exact same sircumstances in California. The City Council, The Sheriff Department and the Riverside Fire Department got involved. And even though, the literarture states, "Born non the arrogance taht nothing anbd nobody can stop them. The power to destroy individuals imbues stalking groups with godlike power and omnipotence. A court will never know what realy happened. After the above agencies were involved, my targeting toned down. Now they are directing the radical right puritans of the Seattle and Alaska stalking cell to conduct those human and civil rights atrocities.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,
Everardo Felix Canez
AKA Felix T.I.
All right... Sometimes we just can't follow the three golden rules when dealing with our stalking perps:

Sometimes it reaches the point that we have to say and do something back.. I was harassed during my travels.. Sometimes I ignored and sometimes I didn't. I noticed the perping and harassment escalating... I ignored them.. I noticed them circling the block. My friend,,, the one who had the high pressure attack the other day. Arrived and said... oh when id this going to be over? I asked him what. He said nothing.

He is one of my best friends but I have always suspected that he knows a lot more about Organized Stalking than he is letting me know. Opposed to my California friends. This 70 Years Old has never been in trouble with the law,

My 70 years old friend gave me a ride to Safeway... I was swarmed and perped there really bad. I could not tell what they were saying because I had my cellphone on talking out loud some counter-propaganda speech. The parents eager to get close to me so they can say something negative to me. Their kids approached... the man, the father yanked them and pulled them away telling them not to get close to that man. With an expression of repulsion and hatred that I cannot describe.

My friend the one that knows nothing about Organized Salking. When we got into his car he hugged me and told me that everything was going to be all right. I thanked him and I told him I really appreciate everything he has done for me.

So I am taking the following retaliatory actions. I am in the process of writing a letter to many agencies. Not so much to discuss that specific incident. But to explain that I am a Targeted Individual and what organized Stalking really is "A vicious and calculated hate crime perpetrated by law abiding citizens, Innocent homemakers and churchgoers". I was swarmed about 1 1/2 months ago here in Seattle. I didn't say anything here in the forum. But 1 1/2 months ago, the heroes from the Seattle Fire Department appeared out of nowhere. Fine it was a coincidence.
Now I come out of the groceries store and the fire heroes were parked there as well. Yeah another coincidence.

Not so much of a coincidence when I take into consideration my experiences with the Fire Heroes in California, And that Dave Lawson P.I. states "Fire Departments across the country have a long history of supporting extremist stalking groups."

True... I will not receive a response. True it will find their way to the shredder.. But if they ever bite me into reacting to them in public. I will have a copy of the Certified and return receipt so I might help my attorneys ot build a better defense during those legal proceedings, Right here is the preliminary list of officials. Some of them already have my report when I informed them about the stalker/Leader screaming at the perfect print business "This is bull sxxxx, this is sxxxx... then he stormed into the printing business. And brandishing some computer discs he yelled. "Do you have experience printing legal documents? Because I have all this legal documents and evidence about a Mexican (expletives) that I need to print and he is seating right there. Pointing at me.

Further... I cannot and I will not stay quiet... Sometime in the future, those officials will be confronted with the facts and they are going to plead ignorance and be shocked. Shocked to learn what their law abiding citizens, some police officers and firefighter were engaged in. When their turn to plead ignorance and be shocked comes. I will provided them with the proof of delivery so there will not be any question as to the fact that they know about all this all along and they did nothing to stop it.

Rght here is the list;
Seattle Mayor -Mike McGinn
Seattle City Attorney's Office -
Seattle Ethics Commission -
Seattle Office for Civil Rights
Seattle Human Rights Commission

ACLU - Seattle -
Southern Poverty Law Center -

Seattle Police Department -Chief John Diaz
Seattle Police Office of Professional Aaccountability (OPA)- Kathryn Olson
Seattle Police Crisis Intervention Team - Officer Suzie Parton

Kodiak AK Police Department
Unalaska Department of Public Safety
Yakutat Alaska Police Department
Alaska peace Officers Association

King County Sheriff - Sheriff Sue Rahr
Riverside County Sherrif -Sheriff Stanley Sniff & deput James Edwards

Seattle Fire Department -Fire Chief Gregory Dean
Riverside Fire Departmet -Fire Chief Charlie DeHart
California fire Department - Fire Chiefs Mar Peraza and Duane Chamlee

King County Prosecuting Attorney -Daniel T.b Satterbergey
Riverside County District Attorney
Riverside County Bureau of Investigations

San Jacinto CA City Council
Hemet CA City Council
Kodiak AK City Council
Seattle Councilmember -Sally Bagshaw
Seattle Council President -Tim Burgess
Seattle Councilmember -Sally J. Clark
Seattle Councilmember -Richard Conlin
Seattle Councilmember -Jean Godden
Seattle Councilmember -Nick Licata
Seattle Councilmember -Mike O'Brien
Seattle Councilmember -Tom Rasmussen
Seattle Councilmember -Bruce Harrell
Seattle Office of the City Clerk Legislative Department

Washington State Governor -Chris Gregoire.
Washington State Attorney General -Rob McKenna.
Washington State Legislature -House of Representatives
Washington State Legislature - State Senate.
Washington State Child Protective Services

Of course the officials and the stalkers must be saying right now. I hallucinated the whole thing and they have no idea what is it that I am talking about. They manipulate each other as much as they manipulate their recruits and people to help them with everything they need. And how really, can they control and manipulate so many perps? After a while they just make their own missions.

It’s good... It is very good for all parties involved, that they have attacked me and came after me with such a vengeance. It gave them the chance to demonstrate their power and to intimidate others. In turn it only gave me more strength, more courage and more determination to slam them back with everything I got. We are going to go the whole way with this Covert War my perps and I. We got to find a way to bring this fight into a court room. Informing City, State, County and Court officials should be the first step.

If those Extremists and Hate Terror Stalking Groups think for minute that I am going to be intimidated or bullied into silence. They are sorely mistaken. See book review”: Terrorist Stalking in America. http://www.multistalkervictims.org/terstalk.htm

In addition the the webpage of the P.I. who investigated these Radical Right Puritan Terror stalking groups is http://www.causestalking.net/

Cause Stalking (ISBN-13:978-0-9703092-3-5) is the least known form of stalking. It is also called gang stalking in other countries. It is performed by patriot, anti-government, and other groups and it can involve hundreds of stalkers, operating 24x7 against a lone target. Operations involve surveillance, stalking, character assassination and harassment campaigns.

Primary targets can include whistleblowers, activists, Public Officials, Doctors who perform abortions and those who oppose politicians and the companies they work for. In addition, groups also select targets of opportunity. These people are not opponents of the group. Selection is based on vulnerability.

Their MO is
1) identify,
2) vilify
3) nullify,
4) destroy.

This book describes how groups operate, their tactics, how targets can protect themselves and how to get rid of these groups if they are operating around you.

It is a creepy world of surveillance, impersonation, games, smoke and mirrors. David Lawson is a Private Investigator, licensed in the U.S. and Canada. He has spent 20 years working cases involving cause stalking.
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Its really weird to me, to see fire depts bringing out the fire trucks to do "drive bys" to harass people literally to death, I guess it appears silly to some people but to the victim its beyond strange to witness this. I mean how much of the tax payer's cash is spent on this? Who pays for all these "drive bys" because you know its not free... and the helicopter fly overs? For an innocent person? What the heck is that? People openly screaming horrible things in public, it feels like this is a holocaust in the making. I dont know what else to call it. I do know a fire fighter was killed here a few yrs ago when a fire truck slammed into the wall, and over the tv they had to ask several times "where they were going" because there was no fire, and they said a "medical call", but they had to ask several times to get that answer. Now I wonder, were they really using the fire truck as a toy to harass someone and an accident happened? The cops think its a riot to do these "drive bys"--always on cue. I live in a high crime area, guess theres nothing better to do. They are JUST NOW realizing, now that I have a "new voice"(garbled voice from electronic torture) that this MIGHT not be as "funny" as they thought.


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"Firemen across the country, and even some police departments have a long history of supporting extremist groups. Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming. They will also race to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers and utility company workers helps give group members an illusion of legitimacy and power."


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We tend to not believe that we would need to be protected from the people we depend on to protect us but in reality at times we do.

EEOC: Draycott subjected to 'hostile work environment'
Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle
Jan. 17, 2011, 8:23PM

The Houston Fire Department's failure to properly address discrimination complaints by a female firefighter and subsequent retaliation subjected her to a "hostile work environment" based on her gender, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has determined.

EEOC District Director R.J. Ruff Jr. notified HFD and the firefighter, Jane Draycott, of the agency's decision in a letter. The decision, or "determination," may clear the way for a negotiated settlement between Draycott and the fire department or a possible lawsuit — filed by Draycott or the federal government.

Draycott and another firefighter, Paula Keyes, found racist and sexist graffiti scrawled on the walls of their dormitory at Station 54 on July 7, 2009. The incident occurred after Draycott had complained to HFD officials of harassment.

"There is reasonable cause to believe that Charging Party (Draycott) was personally and individually subjected to a hostile work environment based on her gender and that she was retaliated against," the letter stated. The EEOC's ruling said that "… management was well aware of the fact that Charging Party was being subjected to a hostile work environment because of her gender but failed to take corrective action."

The EEOC findings come a little more than a year after the city Office of Inspector General's own investigation into who may have been involved in the incident failed to pinpoint a culprit. A subsequent FBI review of the city's investigation also failed to turn up any more clues about a possible suspect.

Two events are key

The EEOC looked at two events. The first one was what took place after Draycott filed the complaint of harassment on June 29, 2009, and then was subjected, along with Keyes, to racist and sexist graffiti scrawled on their dormitory walls on July 7.

The second involved Draycott alone. The EEOC confirmed Draycott's allegation that former Fire Chief Phil Boriskie and other members of the HFD command staff allowed and encouraged "male firefighters to disparage and humiliate" her upon her return to work on Jan. 13, 2010.

"We have reviewed the EEOC Determination and without commenting on the merits, we believe that it is in the best interests of all parties for the city to seek resolution of this matter," City Attorney Dave Feldman said. "We are endeavoring to do that at this time."

Draycott declined comment, as did her attorney, Joe Ahmad.

Union leader critical

Jeff Caynon, president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, criticized the EEOC's investigation, saying it was "limited in scope" because few, if any, of the 39 firefighters who worked at Station 54 were contacted by the federal agency.

"We do not view the report as the defining assessment of what happened at Station 54," Caynon said.

The city's Office of Inspector General looked into Draycott's and Keyes' allegations, but its findings were inconclusive because investigators said there was not enough evidence "to determine the identity of any person or persons who participated in this criminal act."

Ahmad, who filed a lawsuit on Draycott's behalf but later withdrew it, declined to comment.

In that suit, Draycott claimed a pattern of discrimination that began in 2000 when she worked at Station 46 near Highway 288 and the 610 South Loop. Among some of the allegations are that a firefighter sexually harassed Draycott, "rubbed up against her … asked her to sleep with him, climbed into Draycott's bed while Draycott was in it."

After she filed a formal complaint, Draycott claimed she was treated differently by other firefighters and harassment followed her from station to station.

Draycott eventually returned to Station 54 last April, but she left again in August after she was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting from a Spring Walmart. That case is still pending, and Draycott remains on leave.


http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/hea ... 85130.html

The matter of retaliation of course brings up the matter of "participation" in the retaliation. To most of these men they were simply having a little fun. It was and is no big deal to them.

Most people who participate in gang stalking probably believe they are just having a little fun as well. And it is no big deal to them either.

Being a bully is looked upon as just having a little fun by quite a few and so it is acceptable in our society. Just as long as they don't go too far. But how far is too far?

Harassment is supposed to be a criminal act in Texas. Apparently it is not if the harasser is a firefighter. Or a law enforcement officer. Or a prosecutor. Or anyone who is by their position regarded as "above the law." No one is supposed to be above the law. But in many cases, some are.

For those who don't believe firemen would participate in gang stalking the reality is they would as indicated by what happened in Houston. And while it is considered harassment for some reason it is not really a crime. Just some boys having a little fun. These boys should be prosecuted. But of course no one knows which boys. Because the other boys are protecting them. The former fire chief in fact encouraged it. He more than the others should be prosecuted. But won't be.

And with regard to gang stalking, some of the girls, who want to be part of the boys, will participate as well.

Legal Momentum addressed this specific case two years ago. And was ignored. And probably will continue to be.


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Are there any attorneys who have represented any victims of cause/gang stalking in a civil action or who have represented any victims in pursuing criminal charges?


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I am unaware of any specific gang stalking cases or attorneys who have represented victims.

However... the literature states: Primary targets can include whistleblowers, activists, Public Officials, Doctors who perform abortions.... [In http://www.causestalking.net/ ]

If this is true... that Doctors, nurses and staff who work in abortion clinics have been gang-stalked the same a us.

There have been a large number of court cases in regards of stalking abortion clinics. Many of them have reached the US Supreme Court. So those cases should be easy to track.

I did that, run internet searches and found some cases. Mostly they are about following the abortion workers with banners and harassing them and camping out of their houses. I think if you have the time and you are pro-choice you should try to make contact with some of those abortion clinic workers and hear what they have to say.


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There have actually been some prosecutions of cause stalking. I guess because law enforcement didn't have to ask the most inane question law enforcement always asks a stalking victim - "why would someone stalk you?"

The civil side of the problem of stalking which we are all conveniently dumped into doesn't seem to do well with stalking either. There doesn't seem to be any attorneys I am aware of who have been willing to file suit which is why I asked if any had been willing to file suit in cause or gang stalking cases although there have been some in whistleblower cases but I doubt the suit used the word stalking.

The word for some reason just isn't in the legal lingo so to speak.


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For what I have read... and heard and know...

If a stalking group members are charged with a specific offense... breaking and entering, harassment, stalking, vandalism, assault etc. Only those members who got caught will be arrested and prosecuted for those specific offenses. The rest of the stalking group would continue to do whatever is that they want to do.

Yes, probably you are right. "There have actually been some prosecutions of cause stalking."

The problem is that other than the anti-abortion and pro-animal right groups. No one seems to find the links to the newspapers or the court cases of those cases in which a whole gang of law abiding citizens. Were charged and prosecuted.

Can you provide us with the links to those court cases or to the articles?


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http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/03/ ... 4346.shtml

This was the first federal prosecution under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and may have been the first prosecution in which the charge of interstate stalking and conspiracy to commit interstate stalking was used rather than the RICO or organized crime statutes.

http://laist.com/2010/03/19/animal_libe ... rs_ple.php

This case was prosecuted under California statutes. Note the use of the term domestic terrorist. Which is what they are now considered.

In both cases the defense of First Amendment rights was used but in both cases it was rejected. That has been a problem for many stalking victims with prosecutors stating that cases were dismissed on that basis.

In fact courts recognize that a constitutional right does not allow you to commit criminal acts.

http://articles.latimes.com/1993-04-02/ ... ion-clinic

Most of the anti-abortion group prosecutions have involved individual members. This was one of the first cases prosecuted under California statutes. Again the premise of First Amendment rights is not a premise accepted by courts. The position that it is simply is the position by lazy prosecutors or by judges who have no place on a bench.

The Stalking Resource Center/National Center for Victims of Crime had an archive of state and federal stalking cases but for some reason decided to no longer maintain it.


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I am sorry... there is some confusion in here..

I asked if you know of any cause stalking or gang stalking cases OTHER than anti-abortion or pro-animal rights groups.

Meaning that I was NOT asking about abortion or animal right cases.

You responded with the links of two animal cases and one abortion case.

I just don't know how to make my question more clear: A case of gang stalking which has nothing to do with abortion or animal rights?

Anyone else?


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Don't be so quick to dismiss the prosecutions of these type cases. Be grateful prosecutors charged them with stalking. There are always points made in the courts that establish precedence and case law. Which makes it easier for others to be prosecuted. Points in general. Which apply to all.

Most other cases are left to redress through civil action. Which is what will most likely happen in the case of Houston Fire Department.

The Stalking Resource Center/National Center for Victims of Crime had an archive of state and federal stalking cases but for some reason decided to no longer maintain it.

Just in case you missed that, it is difficult at this point to track cases unless you go through individual appellate records in the states.

http://library2.lawschool.cornell.edu/e ... fault.aspx

Not all the data bases are "public" which at one time they were. It is difficult to track it all. For the most part you are left to search through the appellate records in states. Which do not include cases that were not appealed. And quite a few aren't. And not all end up in the media. So there is not an easy way to search for them.

I missed that you only wanted cases that were not tied to anti-abortion or animal rights groups - there probably are none. The situation with Houston Fire Department is probably the best example of why. Some are indeed above the law in this country.

The Anti-Defamation League and Southern Povery Law Center track the activities of hate groups. Members of those groups are often charged with stalking behavior but not stalking. Vandalism and trespass primarily. They operate under First Amendment protections. Until they break the law. The problem is the law doesn't always address the actual violation. By the same token the American Civil Liberties Union often defends their First Amendment rights. And their First Amendment protections.


http://splcenter.org/get-informed/case- ... rankhouser

This should have been prosecuted under the federal stalking law but at the time the matter of cyberstalking wasn't considered stalking. Just harassment. You probably could go through quite a few records and find cases that were prosecuted under harassment statutes that were actaully stalking. Including cases that were brought against groups. This case was not actually prosecuted. It was adjudicated through an administrative hearing within a federal agency. It is basically civil in nature.

Southern Poverty Law Center archives the cases involving hate groups where it represented the victims.

There are also civil cases involving whistleblowers but those are probably suits that were filed as harassment suits. Very often the whistleblowers have blown the whistle on a government agency or on a powerful corporation. And the latter is equally above the law in many cases. And there really isn't much you can do. I've been there, done this myself. Still there actually. It's part of the stalker's game.

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