Gang Stalking on the US News Jan 29, 2011



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Gang Stalking on the US News Jan 29, 2011
Gang Stalking, "Bullying on Steroids"
Posted: Jan 29, 2011 1:56 AM EST
Updated: Jan 29, 2011 4:10 PM EST

SALINAS, Calif - Police call it "bullying on steroids."
They are referring to gang stalking, and it has nothing
to do with the gangs you're probably thinking of.

According to local law enforcement, gang stalking is
when multiple people organize to systematically stalk and
harass a person, whether emotionally or physically.

Lawrence Guzzino claims his neighbors are gang stalking
him because he plays loud music and is outspoken. He said,
for the last year and a half, he's been systematically
followed by a group of people. At one point, he said they
climbed on his roof to bother him.

Guzzino said he's developed a paranoia that's devastated
his relationships with friends, and worst of all, family.

"It makes me feel afraid...that's the worst part of it. If it was
just me, I would take action," he said.

Santa Cruz Police Leiutenant Larry Richard said police
are becoming more aware of gang stalking because of
cyber bullying.

Richard said gang stalking is nothing new, but new
technology is making it more common.

"Gang stalkers themselves have elevated themselves to
technology so this is something that's been going on
before Facebook and Twitter. They just now have gone
into those area," Lt. Richard said.

Guzzino said he's proof the problem isn't just online, and
that it can hit close to home -- a home he plans on leaving
because of gang stalking.

"I want to go to the tennis courts or play ping pong
without people following us. It's just nerve wracking,"
Guzzino said.

Submitted by Candice Nguyen, Central Coast News

From: Trisha Husome
To: Keith Labella
Sent: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 9:12 pm
Subject: Response to Public Records Act Request

Mr. Labella,

I am writing in response to your California Public Records Act request dated
March 22, 2011, and received on March 25, 2011.

Attached you will find those releasable public records as identified in
section 6254(f) of the California Government Code that are responsive to your
request. As I mentioned to you on the telephone, the only other records I
obtained are voice mail messages from persons outside our jurisdiction
requesting contact with Lt. Richard. These persons identify themselves as
crime victims. Because the messages contain their phone numbers, which are
not mandated for release under the Public Records Act, I am withholding
those records.

I hope that you find this information helpful.

Trisha Husome
Records Manager
Santa Cruz Police Department
= = = = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = =
From: [Lt] Larry Richard, Santa Cruz Police Department
To: Trisha Husome, Records Manager, Santa Cruz PD
Subject: Gang Stalking
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 18:36:20 -0700
Candice Nguyen from KION is doing a story ion this phenomenon called "Gang
Stalking". It has nothing to do with "gangs", rather it is a form of cyber-
bullying. The intent is a psychological impact and socially ostresizing the
targeted person. With tools available to track someone (Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, etc) it has made people more vulnerable to this. It has implica-
tions to workplace violence, love relationships gone bad, etc. I told
Candice it is like Mean Girls or cyber-bullying on steroids. ... 20stalking

Lt Larry Richard #121
Santa Cruz Police Department
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
[Comment from Attorney Keith Labella]
Response to my CA Public Records Act request on gang stalking from Santa Cruz P.D. Notice in Lt. Richard's email to Trisha Husome (Police Administration) he raises "employment violence" as apotential risk in Organized Stalking. If the city of Santa Cruz, population 26,000, is flagging the risk, what is the risk for the U.S. as a whole? Are some of these shootings, etc., related to this?
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Wow I can't believe this made the news. Good to see.


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Canadian Arcticle about Gang-Stalking April 19th 2006

Canadian Arcticle about Gang-Stalking April 19th 2006 ... hp?p=75194


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Right here is an online article about Organized Stalking... The author is or was a Target of GangStalking. By Lynn Stuter January 10, 2006


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If it happens to you, then it stops, that's when you know it was really happening, and you are not crazy. If you think it is happening, it probably is.

Wishing freedom, privacy, peace, and strength to all.


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Stalker claims unsettle police - March 12, 2009

Right here is another gangStalking article... I am sorry that I posted the whole things but as you know these kind of articles tend to disappear from the online mewspapers:
Stalker claims unsettle police
(by Anthony G. Attrino - March 12, 2009)
Detectives are questioning a former Verona resident who has been handing out fliers claiming a large, organized group of stalkers is targeting residents and business owners with the objective of destroying their lives.

"Their intention is to murder their target without getting their hands dirty. It's the perfect hate crime." states the flier, which is titled "A Community Secret Revealed: Organized Stalking is Thriving in NJ."

The one-page flier concludes, "Your neighbor, Frank Raffaele" and gives a Pine Brook address.

Raffaele, 51, is a former Verona resident who moved years ago but resurfaced in recent weeks to hand out fliers, according to police. He has dropped them off in businesses across the township and left the papers in doors and fences in Verona, Caldwell and Pine Brook.

"He's scaring people," said police Chief Doug Huber. "It doesn't make any sense, it's unsubstantiated and it's frightening some people."

Patrol officers and detectives have questioned Raffaele on several occasions. One detective asked him to stop handing out the fliers.

Reached by phone on Tuesday, Raffaele said he has no intention of stopping.

"I'm exercising my First Amendment right at free speech," Raffaele said. "I want to inform people and raise awareness on this subject. These people do exist and it's a big problem."

The flier states that group stalking is a method of harassment by a large group of people, often in the hundreds, against a sole individual.

"The process starts when the group selects a target," the flier states.

"Once the selection is made an expert campaign of character assassination begins with the intention of isolating the person from the community."

"He's getting people excited, especially in light of what happened," said Police Capt. Fred DiStefano, referring to the Feb. 22 robbery and shooting of gas station attendant Daniel Pritchard.

Pritchard, 29, was killed at the Claridge Sunoco on Pompton Avenue. Two suspects have been arrested, jailed and charged with murder in his death.

DiStefano said there is no connection between Pritchard's shooting and Raffaele or his fliers.
Police have not charged Raffaele with a crime, saying it appears to be within his legal rights to hand out the literature.

"There's no law that we could come up with" against it, DiStefano said.

Still, detectives have questioned Raffaele at least twice - in person and on the phone.

And Verona police have taken the unusual step in recent days of including Raffaele's letter in their police blotter, calling the stalking claims unsubstantiated.

The blotter, along with a copy of the flier, was faxed to the Times on Monday morning.

"He's disgruntled, but what he's disgruntled about we don't know," the police chief said.

The flier states the stalkers are professionals, both paid and unpaid, full and part-time.

"The unpaid stalkers are usually neighbors who have been recruited as a result of a successful smear campaign," the flier states. "They naively think they are doing a good deed. Harassment techniques are infinite."

The flier contains the Internet addresses of three Web sites with information and video about gang stalking, and general information about who the victims have been. In one video, the narrator discusses the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, former President Ronald Reagan and the practices of Scientology.

The video further states that community police watch groups, church groups and gay activists "might actively follow, harass, and assist in the torture and occasional murder of targeted individuals that are total strangers. ..."

"I think this is a serious issue," Raffaele said.

Huber said Raffaele has no history of arrest.

Asked whether Raffaele might be dangerous, Huber said, "He's never given anybody a hard time - we don't believe he's dangerous."

DiStefano asked that anyone who receives a "stalker" flier from Raffaele call police. He said detectives will continue to question Raffaele if they receive complaints.


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Gang Stalking, "Bullying on Steroids" VIDEO!

Gang Stalking, "Bullying on Steroids" VIDEO!

I was fortunate to be able to grab this video from one of Eleanor's White Websites. And I posted it in one of my youtube channels. Let's see how long it last in there:

If the above link doesn't work or my nemeses stalkers succeed in removing it. You can always look at this alternate link in Eleanor's White Website:
The video version: ... cruzca.mp4

The audio only version for mp3 Player: ... cruzca.mp3

There's a flyer with a quote as well: ... cruzca.pdf
Eleanor White T.I.

Thank you all.
Felix T.I.


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I still dont think that report caught the full spectrum of gangstalking, but reporting it is a start. Im glad they put it on the news, where it belongs.

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